Tetra AquaSafe Review

Tetra AquaSafe Review

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As you’ll no doubt be aware from the title of this article, we’re going to be reviewing Tetra AquaSafe water conditioner.

As one of the most popular aquarium water conditioners available on the market today – if not the most popular – it’s only right if we dive deeply (no pun intended!) into the debate of whether or not Tetra’s No.1 water conditioner in its famous yellow bottle a) is effective b) is safe and c) is worth your hard-earned money.

To ensure this review is as thorough as it can be – in addition to providing you with everything you need to know about Tetra’s AquaSafe water conditioner – we’ll begin by taking a step back and looking at what a Tetra AquaSafe water conditioner is, what it does (or is meant to do), and how it is commonly used. Of course, if you’re already an aquarium water conditioner aficionado or don’t feel like brushing up on your water conditioner knowledge, simply scroll down a little further to read our review of Tetra AquaSafe.

Tetra AquaSafe Water Conditioner, 500ml,Black
18,272 Reviews
Tetra AquaSafe Water Conditioner, 500ml,Black
  • Immediately turns tap water into fish safe aquarium water
  • Promotes healthy water and healthy fish
  • Creates water that more closely represents the natural habitats of fish and...
  • Model number: T213

Tetra AquaSafe Water Conditioner: What Does it Do?

In short, a water conditioner does what it says on the tin. Typically in liquid form, it is added to tap water to ensure the water is safe for your fish, which it does so by changing the condition of the water (hence the name water conditioner).

For those of you thinking, ‘Wait a second; isn’t tap water safe?’, it’s important to stress that tap water is ‘safe’ for humans because it has several chemicals added to it to kill things such as viruses, parasites, and bacteria.

The issue is, if these chemicals made their way into your aquarium, they’d probably end up killing your fish along with the good bacteria that is essential for effective biological filtration. Therefore, by adding a water conditioner, such as Tetra AquaSafe, you render harmful chemicals inert, thus ensuring your fish are healthy and happy.

If we look on Tetra’s website and read the marketing blurb, we can see that AquaSafe removes dangerous chemicals, such as chlorine, copper, zinc, lead, and chloramine; contains vitamins, magnesium, and iodine to promote health and well-being; enhances water clarity by promoting the growth of good bacteria; is enriched with B vitamins to reduce stress on fish caused by water changes, and can be used when setting up brand new aquariums, when changing the water of an existing aquarium, and when transporting your fish.

Do I Need To Use Tetra AquaSafe Water Conditioner in My Aquarium?

You don’t need to use AquaSafe specifically, but you certainly do need to use a water conditioner in your aquarium. Period. No questions asked. No negotiation. If you care about the health of your fish and want them to live a healthy and prosperous life, you’ll get yourself stocked up on water conditioner and use it religiously.

Fish and chlorine don’t mix. In fact, the US Fish & Wildlife Service estimate that one pint (568ml) of chlorine is all that would be required to kill all fish in 20,000 gallons (90,921,800ml) of water. As you can see, it really doesn’t take a lot of chlorine to wipe out vast amounts of fish, and even though there is only a small amount in your tap water (approximately 0.2-1mg/l), it will still be enough to kill your beloved fish.

What Type of Water Conditioner is Tetra AquaSafe?

There are three main types of aquarium water conditioner:

Chloramine Neutraliser: This type of water conditioner instantly removes chlorine, helps to break down chloramine, and neutralises ammonia, which it does by either converting ammonia into ammonium (which is harmless to fish) or binding to it, rendering it inert (again, making it harmless to fish).

Dechlorinator: As the name suggests, this form of water conditioner removes chlorine, but doesn’t have any effect on heavy metals and ammonia. 

Complete water conditioner: All-in-one water conditioners tick all boxes, helping to detoxify heavy metals, neutralise ammonia, eliminate chlorine and copper, protect fish, promote good bacteria growth, and buffer pH.

But which category does Tetra AquaSafe fit into?

Well, it’s clear from the list of attributes (see the above list in the ‘What Does It Do?’ section) that AquaSafe is a complete water conditioner and can be used alone to ensure your water stays healthy throughout your fishes lives (there are other products that can be used in conjunction with AquaSafe to boost health and vitality of your fish, filter, and tank, but we’ll save that for another article!). 

Tetra AquaSafe: Our Verdict

Tetra AquaSafe, to Turn Tap Water into Safe and Healthy Water for Fish and Plants, 5 Litre
14,708 Reviews
Tetra AquaSafe, to Turn Tap Water into Safe and Healthy Water for Fish and Plants, 5 Litre
  • Tetra AquaSafe makes tap water safe for fish and reliably protects fish and...
  • Its optimized vitamin B mix reduces any stress that fish may experience...
  • Tailored to the special needs of fishes’ skin & fins; iodine supports...
  • The care product encourages the settlement and bioactivity of useful...
  • It is suitable for all freshwater & marine aquariums; when using Tetra...

When assessing a product, we analyse it across several areas, namely: safety, effectiveness, cost, and how user-friendly it is, so let’s take a look at each of these in turn.

Safety: Given that Tetra AquaSafe is designed to promote fish, filter, and tank health by removing harmful chemicals and substances from your aquarium, it’s evident that this is a safe product for your fish. Of course, if you use too much or use it in the wrong type of aquarium (it’s designed for freshwater, not saltwater aquariums), then it may have an adverse effect on your fish, filter, and the general condition of your tank. 

Effectiveness: Having used Tetra AquaSafe during the one and only time I set up an aquarium and owned fish, I can personally vouch for the fact that it kept my fish and aquarium in a healthy state for many years. My filter was working efficiently within three weeks, and my fish lived very long and fruitful lives (if fish can live fruitful lives that is?!). If you Google ‘Tetra AquaSafe review’, you’ll no doubt come across an abundance of reviews, that vast of which are positive. The product itself has been around for many years, so I think we can safely say it is effective. 

Cost: According to Amazon’s latest prices, a standard 500ml bottle will cost around £15 (including delivery). But how long will one bottle last? Well, according to Tetra’s instructions, you should use 5ml of AquaSafe for every 10 litres of water; therefore, a whole bottle can treat up to 1000 litres. If, for example, you had a 100-litre tank and did a 25% the water change every two weeks, the 500ml bottle would last for around five months, which equates to £3 per month.

Alternatively, a 5-litre container – which would last over four years (!) if used as outlined above – is available for £30, which is exceptional value for money. 

From our perspective, this is excellent value, particularly given that AquaSafe offers a myriad of benefits for fish and aquarium health. 

User-friendliness: The inside of the cap is marked to show you how much 5ml is, which is really handy if you have any form up measuring cup available. Aside from that, it’s really easy to use. Pour the liquid into the cap, then pour the liquid into the water. Simple! 

Tetra AquaSafe is an all-in-one water conditioner that helps to improve the health of your fish, filter, and aquarium. It’s been around for donkey’s years – and for good reason: it works, and it doesn’t cost the earth. Plus, Tetra is one of the most well-known brands where aquariums and fish are concerned, so you know it’s a product you can trust. Overall, it’s highly unlikely you’ll find a better water conditioner for the price. 

Tetra AquaSafe Plus Review

Tetra 16213 AquaSafe Plus Water Conditioner, 16.90-Ounce, 500-Ml (packaging may vary)
12,974 Reviews
Tetra 16213 AquaSafe Plus Water Conditioner, 16.90-Ounce, 500-Ml (packaging may vary)
  • CONDITIONS aquarium WATER: Essential care formula protects fish and reduces...
  • MAKES TAP WATER SAFE: Monthly treatment with partial water changes removes...
  • INSTANT RESULTS: Works quickly to make tap water safe for fish.
  • ESSENTIAL WATER CARE: Use when setting up a new aquarium, with monthly...
  • USAGE: Add 2 teaspoons for every 10 gallons of aquarium water.

If you’ve been searching for information and reviews of Tetra AquaSafe, you’ll no doubt have come across the ‘Plus’ version of this water conditioner too. But what extras doe the ‘Plus’ version offer and is it worth paying more money for? 

If we once again refer to the marketing blurb on Tetra’s website, we can see that has two additional ‘extras’ compared to the regular version. Firstly, it has a ‘BioExtract’ formula that contains seaweed extracts that help to support the development of good bacteria in your filter, in addition to decreasing pollution levels within the tank by enhancing the bacterial bed. It also provides a ‘slime coating’ that can help protect fish from cuts and abrasions and help wounds heal more rapidly. 

As you might expect, this premium version of AquaSafe comes with a premium price tag, but is it worth the extra cash?

Well, a 500ml bottle is £10 more expensive than regular AquaSafe, although if you buy a 1-litre bottle for around £43, it does make it slightly less expensive. If we use the same example of a 100-litre tank, a 500ml bottle will, again, last around five months at £5 per months, whereas a 1-litre bottle will last for ten months at around £4.30 per month. 

But is it worth paying the extra money?

Ultimately, it depends on your budget. Regular AquaSafe will do a more than adequate job at keeping your fish, filter, and aquarium healthy, but if you want a few added ‘bells and whistles’ on top, the ‘Plus’ version is still an affordable option given how long it will last. 

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