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About Us

We’re pet lovers & owners. An animal obsessed bunch who strive to provide you with advice to look after your pet and keep them healthy, happy and safe, whilst also digging into and putting our own paw print on popular products.

Founded in 2020, Barf Pet Foods is a blog that is focused on animal food primarily, but also general pet products and accessories. We focus mainly on Birds, Dogs, Cats, Fish, Reptiles & Rodents, why you ask? Mainly it’s because there the pets we know, have owned and have a good degree of knowledge in, it’s not that we don’t love all other pets – so don’t worry!

Our Values

At Barf Pet Foods we have a couple of core values we carry across everything we write, we carefully review all of our content before putting it live to ensure it meets this set of core criteria.

We are honest, we’ll never recommend a product that we don’t believe is a good purchase – even if we get sponsored posts or collaborations, we want to ensure that what we are talking about and any recommendation or advice that we give, it’s honest.

Well Researched
We provide a lot of informative guides on this blog, there typically aimed at helping pet owners with any troubles or queries they have about their beloved animals. We want to ensure that your pets remain happy and healthy, that’s our objective, so we need to ensure that everything we put out on this website is well research and factually correct. If by chance, you do pick anything up that isn’t quite right (although unlikely, we hope!) please do let us know.

Trustworthy Advice
This ties into being well research – but we like to think that all our advice and product review information is trustworthy. We do a lot of research about every product we recommend, if we haven’t tried it ourselves, we look at hundreds of reviews to make a decision before we right anything – you aren’t just trusting us, you’re trusting hundreds of happy customers.

Passionate Opinion
Our articles aren’t just dry, we’re a passionate bunch, and we want that to be reflected in everything that we release for our readers. What you’re guaranteed to get on this site is a fiery, and passionate opinion, on just about everything!

What You’ll Find On Barf Pet Foods

What can you actually find on the site though? We have three core types of articles that we release, which include:

  • Informative Advice Articles: We look around the web for common issues, worries and queries that we feel aren’t adequately answered and we provide our expert advice.
  • Buying Guides: We research common products and write buying guides, usually recommend between 5 to 10 products and provide information on how we got to that decision.
  • Product Reviews: Another common thing we do here is review individual pet products, from food to accessories and toys, giving our personal opinion on the product at hand.